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It's rare to find a sound unlike everything else - a sound completely unto it's own and utterly distinguishable as that of the artist in mention. We welcome the sophisticated sounds of none other than Bruno Pronsato, as we host one of the most highly-anticipated events and pedigreed live performance artists.

Bruno's live set - with delicate kickdrum and composition of organic subtleties will no doubt be a sonic excursion in a rather surreal space - between two trains on a train platform at the CT Train Lodge ... >>>

Bruno Pronsato has more than made good on his storied past as a drummer, with off-time taps and a squirming aversion to loops - but few boast such a true percussionist's sense of patience and placement. The drummer-turned-producer's intricate textural maps of clicking beats and chiming chords defies trends. With his laborious constructions venturing through unpredictable tangents or breaking out into jazzy sections, there's a feeling of constant movement and shaky energy that means his music never quite stands still. His pristine and beloved drums, every sound - no matter how tiny - is endlessly tweaked and picked apart.

Bruno Pronsato is one of techno’s most intriguing artists. His sound is full of contradictions: abstract but organic, sexy but drab, and though most of his records could easily stir a dance floor, they exist purely for themselves, never compromised for club potential. In music, as in life, Bruno likes to get weird, and the suspense that permeates his music often earns him the title of 'minimal'.



14h00 Terrence Pearce
15h30 Marshall
17h00 Dan C
18h30 Marq
20h00 Jimmy Chronic
21h30 Floyd Lavine
23h00 Bruno Pronsato (LIVE)
00h30 One Track Mike
02h00 Killer Robot

Tickets: Presale R120.00 (
Gate: R120.00 < 20h00 > R140.00
NO UNDER 23's >>> R.O.A.R

Cape Town Train Lodge
3 Old Marine Drive

Sound Installation by Kilowatt AV
Video mapping & visuals by Afterlife
Decor by Make-Believe


>> The MAKE-BELIEVE Train / 24 Nov, 2012 / 14h00

>> THE YARD / 08 Dec, 2012 / 14h00-02h00

>> SHIFT / 26 Jan, 2012 / 30hrs

When and where?

Sat 03 Nov 2012 at 2:00 PM (SAST)
Sun 04 Nov 2012 at 4:00 AM (SAST)

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mike kennedy