Running a free event?

If you're hosting a free event and need to keep track of registrations for a workshop, class, seminar or other function - use the entire set of Quicket tools for free.

No hidden costs, no monthly contracts and no set up fees.
We only charge when you sell tickets for money.

Flexible pricing for paid events

Quicket has two fees, commission and booking fees. Typically event organisers pay the commission and ticket buyers pay booking fees, but flexible pricing means you choose who pays which fee.



commission ex VAT


per ticket

These fees are charged per event and cover all costs including banking, credit card processing and support.

Please get in touch if you'd like your ticket buyers to pay the commission.

Ticket sales estimate

Number of guests

Average ticket price

Average order size

Commission fee
Booking fees
Guests pay per order
You'd receive
The estimated fees above include VAT, which is always charged - but you don't need to be VAT registered to use Quicket!

We'll pay you within 3 working days after your event ends. Need it sooner? Speak to us on +27 21 424 9308 or request a call.

Streaming fees estimate

The below fees apply to Quicket Hosted Streaming and uploaded video files. Quicket does not charge for content hosted on external platforms such as YouTube, Zoom or Vimeo.
Content uploaded or broadcast

Content stored per month

Number of viewers

Hours watched by viewers

R100.00 per hour of content uploaded or broadcast
R5 per hour of content stored per month
R2 per hour watched by viewers
Estimated streaming fees
Simply subtract your Estimated streaming fees from the amount You'd receive in your ticket sales estimate for a total estimate of your event payout.

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  • Control your own ticketing on the go
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  • Free Android and iOS app for checking in guests
  • Send complimentary tickets for free
  • Send event invitations for free
  • World class payment handling and security
  • A dedicated support team for you and your guests
  • Integrate with your own systems via Zapier
  • Contact us to find out what else we can do for your event

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