NPA SOCA Community Dialogue



Community Dialogue hosted by the NPA SOCA WC.

Facilitated by professionals in the legal fraternity and related fields, mothers, fathers and civil society collectively joining hands to bring about the justice we want to see in South Africa.


from 68 reviews
"EXCELLENT! Very passionate speaks, very informative. "
- Rene
"Knowledgeable as always. Thank you to everyone involved. Just slight issue with sound for online attendees. Not to clear especially towards the end. "
- Akasha
"I had an emotional experience tears were running when Dr.Camel Jacobs were speaking as my 11 yr old also ask me to change her surname.Dad see them last in 2018 and have no contact with them.Maintenance is late this month again.For 2 kids where 14 yr old is partially sighted and partially deaf born with Axenfeld Reiger syndrome he pays R2000 per month for both of them.Single unemployed mom from September 2022 taking care of an infant to receive income.They were on a medical insurance while he is on medical aid at UCT.He stop paying the medical insurance and I am using the state hospital.Kuils River maintenance court fails my children over and over.When I go for spousal maintenance Williams the maintenance officer tells me I must go look for work.When the maintenance is late I notify them via email and I don't know what they do.He don't contribute the way he should with our final divorce in Bellville court 7yrs ago.Please help??"
- Venecia
"Learning things here that I didn't even know as I am a single mom of two,where one is a special needs who r 14yr old born with Axenfeld Reiger syndrome where she is partially sighted and partially deaf and a 11yr old who were born wth asthma.Been divorced for 7yrs and their maintenance each is R1000 per child."
- Anonymous
"Always so informative and engaging. I'm ever in awe, thank you organisers. "
- Natsai Chakapfava

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