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I am making a film.

Forest meets Fire tells the story of what happens when Human and Nature re-unite.

At the core of our beings, we know that Human is not separate from Nature- indeed, we are nature. Yet somehow, many of us have been living in a way that disregards our natural word. Today, in one aspect, we find ourselves in a dilemma of separation, pain and death. In another aspect, our inherent connection to Nature is pristine perfection and it reminds us of our own sacredness. Now, it is time for us to create a new world: an integration of the modern human with the ancient ways. Let us connect to our Essence and birth a new Earth Story.

And so, I have already begun to make this film. I have been dancing with the beauty of this Earth for quite some time now. I have been going to various pristine nature locations and embodying the spirit of the land - the gentleness of the forest; the power of the ocean; the expanse of the cliff; the play of the flower field. I have really enjoyed expressing the intactness of the Earth and a lot of magical and unique footage has come from it.

Next, I would like to go to the places we don't want to see - the shadow of the fire of our consumption - rubbish dumps with mountains of trash; scorched Earth; poisoned waters and desolate deforestation. I want to dance the pain of the Earth. Not as an act of martyrdom or reprimand, simply as an act of showing what is on the other side of the spectrum.

As a polarity dance for the Earth, the film will explore these two extremes with the intention of integrating them. A space where both are present and yet neither exists. A space in which the emotional charge of our current story is dissolved into freedom. It is a union of Spirit with Body, Sky with Underworld, Technology with Ancient. In this union we find our balance, we find our wholeness and we find a new way of being.

If you believe that this story wants to be told, your support will be very much appreciated. The funding will help me to upgrade my tech and go toward the expenses of videography, editing, music making and recording, traveling and distribution. I sincerely, whole-heartedly and humbly thank you for your contribution in making this dream a reality.

In alignment with my values, 15% of the income from this film fundraiser (and all of my income from this platform) goes directly to Greenpop, who are active in reforesting sub-Saharan Africa and are creating a greener now that permeates into an even greener tomorrow.

Would you like your company to become an official sponsor? Do you know of an Arts Funding council who would want to support this? Selah is a newbie to the realm of funding and would love some support. Please get in touch at [email protected].

Forest meets Fire goes global:

In my long term vision I see this film growing to include people from all over the Earth. A whole canvas of humans: different shades and shapes; varying expressions and voices; ranges of race, culture and creed. I can sense the heart of each human as they embody their own Earth Story in their hometown. Together we weave a web that heals our own bodies and the body of this Earth. A collective canvas for a new Earth Story: Heaven with Earth.

Here is my showreel, in case you want to know a bit more about me:

Photo credit: Tynan Swart

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