Fri May 1, 18:00 - Sun May 3, 17:30
Reunion Yoga & Meditation


Dates: 1, 2 & 3 May 2020

Cost: R500 per workshop

R900 for two

R1350 for three

R1800 for full weekend

*10% early bird if you book before Feb 29

**Bring a friend and get R100 off

A Sense of Flow with Dave Gardner

A weekend of workshops exploring the Original Condition practice.

Learning about your innate ability to flow, in yoga, in movement, with one another, and in life.

The weekend is open to all human beings.

No previous experience is required. An earnest attitude will maximise your experience.

Friday 6-8:30pm – Grace Under Pressure – The Gritty Grind of Meditation & Mindfulness

This workshop establishes firm roots in healthy patterns and habits inspired from the Advaita Vedantic teachings of non-dualism in order to create a clear, adaptable and loving state of mind. Practical techniques for meditation, breath and confrontation will be explored and explained. Peace and contentment are no holiday.

Saturday 3-6pm – Make Yourself – The Innate & Intuitive Tools of a Creative Movement Practice

This workshop encourages you to unroll and navigate the map of your own body by investigating open form movement pathways & embracing your inherent somatic awareness in order to dissolve blockages about how you think about movement, to how you feel it. This workshop will empower you by offering opportunities and exercises to connect to your ability to respond through movement, and not just react.

Sunday 11am-1:30pm – Flowing Upstream – The Obstacle is the Way

This workshop looks at what happens when we are challenged by something that we have not done, seen or heard of before. By utilizing the tools of awareness we can broaden our perception and anticipate change, challenge and obstacles, to become adaptable, resilient and flow when it’s easy, and flow when it’s hard. By embodying patience and analyzing risk, we can overcome stressful situations in a safe graceful manner.

Sunday 3-5:30pm – Letting Go – The Art of Serious Play

This workshop embraces the spirit & art of playfulness by introducing the diverse world of partnering – to move with another human being – and engaging group activities. Movement is a powerful form of expression and communication that can bring great joy and speak clearer than words. Even when or if it comes out all wrong, are we still able to laugh at ourselves and move on? This workshop encourages us to do things properly and playfully, but to not make or take things too seriously.

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Hello there fellow human! My name is Dave.

I can’t stand reading bios, so here I am trying to make a sincere effort to share a little bit about me and what I do in a few sentences. I’ve been practicing for almost 10 years now, and teaching for 7. It’s been an epic journey so far and I have studied with some remarkable teachers in meditation, yoga, martial arts, movement, acrobatics, dance & all things human all over the world. I have formed my own sharing which I call Original Condition. It is a creative movement practice that helps people get started with theirs. I help people help themselves. I facilitate a learning environment where people can draw their attention to clearly see what obstacles are in their own way. I provide transformative tools in the form of mediation & movement that empower people to connect to their very own, and turn problems into solutions.That’s what a creative movement practice is. I am here simply to remind you of what you already are, and be by your side as you unstick your sticky stuff. It’s sometimes fun, it’s sometimes not. An earnest commitment is how you grow. See you soon! Big love, Dave


Reunion Yoga & Meditation
14a Bel Ombre Rd, Constantia, Cape Town, 7806
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