Mapping your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Fri May 31, 08:00 - Fri May 31, 17:00

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If you are struggling to retain and attract top talent, and to grow talent from within, it's a clear sign that your employee value proposition (EVP) needs attention. A great EVP future-proofs your organisation by creating talent acquisition and retention strategies that engage and involve your top talent.

?? Elevate Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Companies with clear EVPs experience 4x higher levels of commitment at the commencement of employment which is sustained for the first year of employment. Research also found that the salary required to attract and retain talent was half that of companies without a clear EVP while retention was 87% higher with a clear EVP. Other research conducted by Gartner shows that businesses that effectively deliver on their EVP can decrease annual employee turnover by almost 70% and increase commitment from new employees by nearly 30%. 


  • Understand what an EVP is and why it is so important for your organisation
  • Research and develop your EVP with guidance from coaches on the day
  • Map the 6 components of your EVP
  • Develop a plan for immediate implementation

Reinvent your Employee Experience (EX) with our series of four full day workshops. Led by Sally Acton, multi-award-winning business owner and CEO of Torque Employee Experience agency, these four full day workshops offer a practical roadmap to uncovering what truly matters in your workplace and creating an engaged workforce.  

? Craft Your Brand-Aligned EVP

The first workshop helps you map your brand-aligned EVP so that you retain and attract top talent. Learn what an EVP is, and why it is important. We'll teach you the 6 components of a strong EVP and help you develop your own EVP architecture and create a plan for effective implementation.

?? Why Is This Vital?

  • Heightened Commitment: Companies with clear EVPs experience 4x higher levels of commitment at the commencement of employment, sustained for the first year.
  • Reduced Turnover: Research indicates that businesses with effective EVPs can decrease annual employee turnover by almost 70%, while retention rates soar by 87%.
  • Enhanced Performance: A robust EVP translates to 18% higher productivity, 23% higher profitability, and up to 65% lower staff turnover.

Developing and implementing your employee experience strategy has an impact on the bottom line. 

Say goodbye to the confusion around defining your EVP and ensuring it accurately reflects your brand. Understand what your employees really need and how to communicate effectively with different types of team members. Plus, learn how to make the case to "the powers that be that investing in a better workplace is essential. It's all about getting to know your people and making work a better place to be. 

Why should you care? According to Gallup, high employee engagement results in: 

  • 18% higher productivity, specifically in sales 
  • 23% higher profitability 
  • 10% higher customer loyalty and engagement 
  • 41% decrease in quality defects 
  • 64% decrease in safety incidents and accidents 
  • 28% less theft and shrinkage 
  • Up to 65% lower staff turnover 


?? Why Attend?

Torque’s CEO, Sally Acton, will spearhead these practical workshops with hands-on exercises designed to equip you with the latest tips and tools for EXcellence. 

Get the most out of the workshop day with our hands-on approach and tailored support. We'll provide practical tools and templates that make learning a breeze, giving you the confidence to apply what you've learned right away. Our on-the-day coaching means you'll have someone by your side, helping you navigate any challenges and ensuring you get the most out of the experience. And with pitch sessions, you'll have the chance to showcase your ideas and receive valuable feedback. 

Who is this for? 

Whether you're a seasoned leader deeply invested in improving your team's experience; a fresh startup determined to nurture your workforce; an HR Manager striving for excellence; or an aspiring HR Generalist, we invite you to leverage our EXperience to reinvent your workplace EX. 

  • HR Directors 
  • Human Resources Managers 
  • HR Business Partners 
  • Talent Acquisition Managers 
  • Learning and Development Specialists 
  • Employee Relations Managers 
  • Training Managers 
  • Organisational Development Consultants 
  • Compensation and Benefits Managers 
  • Performance Management Specialists 
  • Business owners 


?? Save the Date: 

Friday, 31st May:  Workshop #1: Developing your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) 

  • Aligning brand identity with EVP 
  • Identifying key talent drivers 
  • Creating a unique EVP 

The other workshops in the series:

Friday, 21st June: Workshop #2: Mapping your employee journey

  • Developing the employee journey
  • Identifying significant moments
  • Mapping employee experiences

Book here:

Friday, 26th July:  Workshop #3: Mapping your employee personas 

  • Mapping employee personas 
  • Building a communication plan 
  • Aligning messaging with personas 

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Friday, 30th August:  Workshop #4: Reinventing your EX-strategy in an experience economy 

  • Demonstrating ROI for EX initiatives 
  • Pitching EX to the boss 
  • Illustrating EX impact 

Time: 09:00 - 16:30 

Venue: Protea Fire & Ice, Melrose Arch, Whitely Street, Melrose Arch Precinct, Melrose Arch 

Cost: R4,000 per workshop 

Join us for all four workshops or cherry pick the ones that you need to attend. 

Receive a complimentary ticket for our annual Torquing with Giants on Friday, 27th September when you book to attend all four workshops. 


Mapping your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
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