THE CRADLE OF HOPE annually collects Christmas gifts for abandoned, abused, traumatised, orphaned, sick, HIV positive and socially disadvantaged babies, toddlers and teenagers.

As a NON PROFIT ORGANISATION receiving ZERO funding from the Government it is only with generous gestures from big-hearted people like YOURSELVES that our organisation has been able to undertake and accomplish various projects like this, and to ensure to every one of our precious children, that Christmas time is a special time for them too. During December 2021 our list eventually contained the names of 720 disadvantaged children, who through your generosity each received a beautiful Christmas gift. We just CANNOT do this without your help.

Please DONATE to help us to make this Christmas unforgettable to SO MANY children in need.


We are currently busy compiling our Christmas lists and should you wish to receive the list with the names and ages of our CRADLE children, please e-mail us, [email protected], and we will forward the list to you.


Due to the law and legislation to ensure the anonymity of our children we can only publish their first names and their ages. No surnames can be made public.


Unfortunately due to the safety and well-being of our children, we cannot allow our children to personally receive gifts from persons who are strangers to them. Please do not request photos of the children receiving the gifts, as the South African Government POPI Act 4 of 2013 LAW prohibits us from doing this.


 Just a couple of suggestions:


  • Kindly tell your family and friends. We really need your help!
  • Please do not spend more than R350-00 to a maximum of R400-00 on the gift.
  • Please buy the children something age-appropriate.

Possible PREZZIE contents:

  • A new toy – age-appropriate; a puzzle; a new t-shirt / new shorts / new skirt / new shoes; toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth, a bar of soap; deodorant/roll-on/shampoo/conditioner for the older children); a packet of sweets (please no chocolate – as this sometimes melts in the box and creates a huge mess); perhaps a colouring book and some pencils or crayons; stationery for school going children (a list of the required stationery is available on request); a school bag; a small storybook; a note-pad for the older children; a pair of socks; a towel, etc. Please use your own discretion – this is only a guideline.
  • Many of our children, with our assistance, have requested a school bag, instead of toys. We try to focus on their NEEDS.
  • Please wrap the gifts using a gift packet or a shoebox, which you may cover with some nice coloured paper. Please DO NOT seal the boxes/packages. Unfortunately due to many previous party disasters, we need to check each box to ensure that the gift is suitable, BEFORE handing them out to our children. NOTHING is so heart-breaking as to see the excited smile of a child turn into tears as gifts are the wrong size, second-hand and even dirty, and sometimes juice, sweets or a bar of chocolate has melted and destroyed the contents of the box/package. Even though we do make our requests very clear we still have persons not adhering to our specific requests, and we have to do the damage control (and desperately run around to try and find another gift).
  • If you are working from our list of names, please write the name of the child and the child’s age on the gift wrapping or on the bag or on the box in which you deliver the gift.
  • It does happen that one child may be chosen two or even three times. Our CEO personally manage this project every year and personally tries her best to prevent this. Then again many of the children are not chosen at all……... And we then have to then distribute any additional gifts to these children, ensuring that the children all receive more or less equal gifts. Any extra gifts are always distributed to our Community children on the afternoon and evening of 24 December. Should there then still be any gifts left over after this has been done, these gifts are stored in our gift cupboard to be used as gifts for the next 12 months to make our in-house children’s birthdays special for them as well (THE CRADLE OF HOPE cannot afford to purchase birthday gifts).
  • PLEASE DO NOT COMMIT TO SUPPLY A GIFT AND THEN NOT HONOUR YOUR COMMITMENT. This causes great pressure for us. If you commit to supplying a gift PLEASE honour your commitment.

All gifts to please be delivered or couriered, during office hours, to THE CRADLE OF HOPE by 10 December 2021, AT THE LATEST. Delivery address: 40 Nellie street, West Krugersdorp, 1739 – or, after hours, to 106 Stegmann street, West Krugersdorp.

Please send us an e-mail and please ADVISE the name of the child/children that you have chosen, so that we may remove their names from the list.

All e-mails to be sent to [email protected]

Thank you for making this a special Christmas for our CRADLE children. Bless you!

A list of the ladies that we assist at our projects is also available, should you wish to bless them with a small gift as well. Should you require this list please request this from us at [email protected]

Thank you for caring about our needs!

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