Dearest friends, thank you for taking an interest in helping me help Mathabane (Thato) feed the kids of his community in Ivory Park Thembisa. This page will continue to develop, and will ultimately be a direct contribution to his soon to be established NGO, Meladi Foundation, named after his recently deceased mother. 

Until then this page is not a public page, and has only been created to allow me to collect donations on his behalf and monitor the funds raised. This way you can see everything that happens too and I will give you updates with every spend. So please do not share this page or link yet, rather pass any additional contributors my contact details and I will pass on the link. When he has the foundation established, we will go public.

As you know Thato, is man better than most, he is running a food project for the kids in his underprivileged community feeding up to 150 kids a day, when he has supplies, which at the moment is only on Saturday and Sundays. This means his efforts are short-lived to weekends leaving these kids with little to nothing in the week. This is where we step in, we are helping him make his efforts a daily feeding project, Monday to Sunday.

I hope that we can also help better equip him and get him newer pots, pans, gas cookers, and any other equipment he needs to cook more food. If you would like to contribute funds or donations of any other nature, cloths, equipment etc, please let me know.

Kind Regards, 


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