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Currently we are looking to generate funds to build a large professional kitchen that can equip 10 to 15 students who learn to cook and bake, also organize the rental of the building and to prepare a new professional training course session and invite youths, woman and men from different communities to participate in this professional training such as food and beverage, food preparation, baking, cashier, housekeeping and offer them job preparation mentoring to help them find employment in the Hospitality sector or retail merchandising field. This event will take place next year January 2022

The Africa Ithemba Network was built on the care and support of donors and contribution of its members. Tuition is free for all students - otherwise none could afford to attend.

All funds raised go directly to the hearts, minds and future of our students. Over 70% of all money collected goes to pay teachers, staff and the rest pays for cooking, classroom and office supplies, students welfare, telephones and transportation.

Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let's bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change. There are many ways to join us and support our mission. Only a tiny fraction is used for fundraising. Not a penny is wasted.

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