Purposeful Futures Masterclass

Tue Aug 24, 08:00 - Tue Aug 24, 09:30



Three-day sprint style Masterclass. This Masterclass is aimed at leaders who want to develop and expand purpose, as a behaviour, within their originations. We will start each morning at 08h00, spend 90-minutes exploring new concepts collectively and in breakaway sessions.


Learn to apply purpose as a skill.


To survive the shift from an industrial linear world to a quantum dynamic world we need to understand the building blocks of personal purpose as well as how we can entrench these skills into organizations. During this three-day sprint style Masterclass, we will unpack the skills for tomorrow that are needed to prepare people to manage disruptive futures.

Supplementary to the virtual interaction, there is daily coursework to help you break ground, and upon completion of the week, you will receive a workbook to help you stay on your strategic track.


+ Understand how embracing automation can assist us in finding our purpose.

+ Five questions to ask to discover who you are and what your purpose is.

+ Develop a curious mindset to find your passion.

+ Using your unique skills and purpose to finance your future.

+ How to build networks that serve your purpose.

Dates: 24 August - 26 August

Time: 08h00 - 09h30 SAST

Zoom link to be received via email.

If you have any enquiries, please email [email protected]

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