Are you a Community Game Changer yet?


Are you a Community Game Changer yet? If not, time to step up!


PS4L Game Changers are making an impact in the community every day. The COVID-19 shock prompted us to change our game. We see the value in doing different things and doing it differently – to benefit those who need it most.


There is a heavy burden on the community and they have identified three things to help make the load lighter during this time. 


We at Play Sport4Life, together with our partners—KENFAC CAN (now known as Community Upliftment Project), the Pinelands CAN, and of course, YOU, will bring our A-Game to continue to support the communities of Kensington, Factreton, and Maitland.


This how we will do it


We will provide one meal a day to fill a hungry tummy.


PlaySport4Life has nine active community kitchens serving 3500 meals a week to the local community and we want to train our volunteers to upgrade their skills. The dream is for the volunteers to become entrepreneurs.


We have initiated the Game Changer Program


Parents are concerned that their children are spending time on street corners because of schools are closed. PlaySpport4Life’s Game Changer Program has been designed so that kids can meet at a secure venue to enjoy healthy social interaction and sporting activities under Covid-safe conditions.


Services to the homeless community,


PlaySport4Life has a dedicated fieldworker assisting with the daily needs of the homeless, including reuniting them with family and loved ones.


In 2020 PlaySport4Life Game Changers made the numbers count:

35,800 people served with a total of 55,300 meals served

12 homeless street persons active in a football program as part of a homeless league

30 homeless street people participating in self-development programs during the lockdown

10 victims received legal assistance due to gender-based violence crimes

200 vulnerable boys received information re-promoting peace through a gender-based violence awareness campaign.

Over 100 pets living with families on the informal settlements were fed and some sickly ones identified with health issues like mange and infestation of fleas was taken care of in partnership with Diesel Rescue.

2030 food parcels were distributed in Kensington, Factreton, Maitland, and Garden Village

Our young Peace Ambassadors from the Peace Ambassador Network were responsible for the delivery of food parcels to families in need.


It was the start of the Game Changing movement. You can be part of it.


Become a Game Changer. For more information please, message us and we will get one of the team to talk to you.


PlaySport4Life PBO Number 930055594


NB: Financial year-end is around the corner, donate and receive your section 18A tax certificate and claim back your tax.


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