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VOX Cape Town was founded five years ago to create fresh, mesmerising choral experiences to enrich the musical life of the Mother City. Described as "a standout on the local music scene", the ensemble has since developed a reputation for its imaginative programming and its performances of seldom-heard choral music in unconventional spaces.

Live performances will always remain our top priority. However, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, it is unclear when we will be able to gather to rehearse or perform for a sizeable audience. We have a responsibility not to put ourselves, or our supporters, at risk. Unlike most choral groups, our singers do not pay membership fees and hence we rely on our immersive concerts and other engagements to cover our running costs.

To continue to provide meaningful musical experiences to our singers and supporters during this period, we have attempted to overcome some of the challenges of lockdown in the form of virtual choir projects and previously-unreleased live recordings. July 2020 also marked our fifth anniversary. Should you be moved to make a contribution to our running costs, we would be very grateful if you would consider donating the amount you might have paid for a ticket to one of our performances.

"We attended your performance last night at the Youngblood Gallery… We are so impressed, so inspired, so touched, we loved it, the introduction so professionally done, we want to follow you and, most importantly, we never ever want to miss any of your performances!"


VOX Cape Town is a registered voluntary association in terms of the Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) Act of 1997. Our registration number is 197-784 NPO. We comply with all reporting requirements, financial and otherwise, according to the Act. This ensures that we are accountable to our members and demonstrates that we are committed to the long-term future and sustainability of the group and choral music in Cape Town. 

Recently, we have also been approved for the fiscal status of a public benefit organisation by the South African Revenue Service, ensuring that a larger proportion of VOX Cape Town’s funds are used solely for the object for which the organisation was established, viz. the promotion, preservation and advancement of choral music and musical culture in Cape Town.

VOX Cape Town is very grateful to the following individuals and organisations who have generously and significantly supported the group’s activities: The Mapula Trust, Bill van Rensburg, Patric van Blerk and CapeTown Sound, Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos, Stephen Bornman and St George’s Grammar School. Thank you!

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