Kids Baking with Veld and Sea

Thu Jun 11, 16:00 - Thu Jun 11, 16:45


Join us on this fun nature inspired kids workshop! Suitable for all ages, parental/guardian supervision is required.


Have you ever heard of Magical Moon biscuits? Bejeweled with edible flowers, nuts, berries and fruit of your choice, kids will learn how make and bake these healthy, versatile and super delicious biscuits for an out of this world tea time treat.

All participants will be sent:

·     A Spotify “Nature Fun” playlist

·     A recipe for botanical tea and berry juice

·     A list of ingredients and equipment needed for the subjects taught

Workshop includes:

·     Nature Bingo warm up game

·     An easy to follow and interactive how-to-make magical moon biscuits

·     Follow up booklet PDF with recipes, colouring in and games


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