5 Steps to keep you motivated during lockdown

Tue Apr 14, 10:00 - Tue Apr 14, 12:10


Are you starting to feel 'locked down' now that we are in the second week of Lockdown? During the first week, it was nice because it felt like a bonus holiday. But now after cleaning out cupboards, rearranging the house, planting a garden or whatever you did, some realities are starting to sink in. We have been overloaded with news on COVID-19 and unfortunately, a lot of fake news crept through the cracks and also a lot of unnecessary news that scares the living daylights out of you.

You are starting to wonder about the (always) uncertain future.

Do not let what is going on in the world right now get you down. It is now the time to “get your head in the game” so to speak and to focus.

Yip! That is much easier said than done.

Attend this great 2 session Coaching course on how to do that.

How to “get your head in the game”

How to not worry…

How to be ready for the future when Lockdown is over when it will be over.

This course will take place via the Zoom app, so be sure to download it from your play store.

To log in, use the ID codes. There is a different ID for each session.

Session 1 - ID : 679 733 576

Session 2 - ID : 137 321 853

And as we all know, ‘gremlins’ sometimes do tend to get a hold on technical things, so you are also welcome to what's app or email me and then I can send you the links for easy login.

For a very low price of R750-00, you will get the How-to's on staying positive and be ready for the future, you will be motivated and I do hope to feel less suffocated when you thing of the future.

With this comes a bonus one-hour FREE coaching session with me if you attend both sessions. A saving of a massive 50% if you would have done these three sessions separately.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity. And do you know that there is an even BIGGER SAVING If you are more than one person in your household? Rember this is done via Zoom so your whole family can attend this coaching session all for the price of one.


Adel Dreyer


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