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2022 celebrating its 18th annual South African HORRORFEST, continuing its hybrid state which means that in addition to select cinema screenings of the exciting Halloween season movie line-up at The Labia Theatre, the full on-line virtual festival chapter reaches beyond Cape Town to the rest of the country. Streaming location to be announced.

Stay updated at and with the social media links below, or access them all here

This year The Makabra Ensemble silent film live soundtrack returns!

The Bloody Parchment literature event will be on-line at

but an in-person chapter may still be included.

More to follow on this soon.

The festival runs across 26 October - 6 November 2022 and will stream a wide range of Horror movies and several short film collections you're unlikely to see anywhere in South Africa.

Movie selections announced soon.

Stay tuned!

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from 29 reviews
"Undoubtedly one of the best shows I've seen this year. Masterful. Woefully under appreciated. I cannot wait until next year! *****"
- TheCoolGhoul
"Fantastic treat - an pre-worldwide premiere, for half the price of a normal cinema ticket(!!) with a respectful and fun crowd, at the most characterful cinema in South Africa. Francois and Sonia at Horrorfest run THE best horror festival I know, and one of the most beloved and long-standing film festivals in SA."
- Tom
"So much fun! We were virgins and will DEFINITELY be back next year!"
- Anonymous
"The quality of the short films this year has been outstanding. Particular highlights in this volume were HER BODY and LOOK TWICE, which both featured POC as lead characters and really did something interesting with the genre. Remarkable, contained storytelling. And those were just two of many short films. Real value for money."
- Jacques
"Had a really great time! The giveaways at the beginning were such a nice surprise. Also, it was so great that the event finished at the time that it said it would - I really appreciated that. It's such a small thing, but on a school night makes such a difference. Thanks for screening it!"
- Anonymous

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