See this classic in the cinema again, just before the pre-release screening of its new sequel Doctor Sleep!


Thu Oct 31, 20:30 - Thu Oct 31, 22:30

Labia Theatre



Rare chance to catch this horror masterpiece in the cinema!

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Based on the novel by Stephen King

Starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers

After 40 years, master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s amazing adaptation of Stephen King's hit novel remains an absolute pinnacle of modern horror cinema, from the permeating mood, and amazing photography to the incredible acting and stunning soundtrack. 

This is a film everyone has to see (more than once).  

Not all of us were old enough to see the film when it was released in theatres in 1980 - But now you'll get this rare chance to experience it the way it should be seen, on the big screen! Only at the 15th SA HorrorFest.

In The Shining writer Jack Torrance moves into the huge, isolated Overlook hotel to act as caretaker during its closing winter months, accompanied only by his wife and young son. The boy, Danny, has a psychic gift allowing him to see the hotel's gruesome past, and in stead of peaceful solitude to complete his book, the ominous evil permeates their existence, driving Jack insane.

Even though a lot was changed from the source material by Kubrick and his co-writer (King vocal about his dissatisfaction), but those adaptations contributed to make the film the timeless classic it is.

One particular unforgettable axe scene got its inspiration from a moment in the 1921 classic silent film The Phantom Carriage, which screens at the HorrorFest on Saturday 2 November with a new live soundtrack by The Makabra Ensemble and special guests - Book here:

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