The Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town



The Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town boasts working under the baton of several well-known local and international conductors, as well as being trained by choir conductors of the highest quality. The varied repertoire has catered to both serious and popular musical palettes and includes well over 50 choral works.

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from 536 reviews
"I loved every minute of it.. "
- Anonymous
"The event was fabulous, music and choir and Mr Cock were sublime. The organisation and seating the large audience was so good, look forward to attending more events."
- Jennifer
- Anonymous
"This was absolutely amazing.. I sat riveted from start to end! Thank you!"
- Sherry
"Loved the choirs. Would gave loved to hesr more from the children's choir. The percusion band was also fabulous. Soloists were tops!"
- Susie

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