Die Centurion Teater



The Centurion Theatre was established by Dr Douw Greeff in 1993. At the Centurion Theatre, you can be sure of quality entertainment in a cosy environment. Whether you join us for a show by South Africa's most beloved artists or want to book the Main Theatre or Kelder for your special event, the Centurion Theatre staff will go out of their way to make your visit memorable.
In July 2021 a passionate and dynamic new management team took up the torch to further the Centurion Theatre's beloved legacy.
Our vision is and will always be to provide a space for the community to connect, get inspired and be entertained. Our mission then requires an absolute commitment to reaching out and taking hands with the community. Together, we will revel in and further the human experience that is theatre through the creation, promotion, and revitalization of the arts.


from 1457 reviews
"Altyd wonderlik om te kyk hoe ons kinders groei in mens deur wanneer Lian en Tian met hulle gewerk het."
- Sharmain
- Sybrand
"What an exceptional experience. The music was great, the guitarists amazing and Maria her glorious self as always. Thank you for a wonderful evening"
- Anonymous

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