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Established in 2007, Educape's philosophy is influenced by a combination of experience with education and socially conscious theatre. Our programs unlock expressions of self-awareness so that we can better serve global communities by 'being the change'.

The Shakespeare Schools festival is a project of Educape Trust, which strives to unite children from diverse backgrounds in Southern Africa and empower them to transform their lives, using the unique power of theatre and the works of Shakespeare as the vehicle. Educape's role is to serve as an enabler for the learners, teachers and other community members involved in the productions. Teachers report gaining value through SSFSA as an opportunity to develop skills in directing an ensemble of students with varying abilities while simultaneously providing practical experience in spoken English to students whose first language may not be English. We have also seen the Festival directly impact students in the following ways:

- Self-confidence

- Cultivation of independence, more informed voices, and opinions.

- Students who don't usually fit into the norms (sports, science, academics etc.)

can find something they can be proud of and show off.

- Parents can voice their pride in their children, strengthening and improving their

relationships in the household.

- Differently-abled learners feel that their disability doesn't hold them back,

inspiring them to dream big, achieve their dreams, and be accepted.

The Festival is Africa's biggest Shakespeare youth drama project. It takes place each year in 5 provinces of South Africa and encourages schools to perform abridged "thirty-minute" versions of Shakespearean plays in local professional theatres nationwide. The performance affords these talented learners the unique opportunity to boost their confidence in the presence of an audience. Since 2009,

The Festival has built the capacity of 926 teachers as drama and performance arts directors, 105 guest and student directors and 95 volunteer directors and facilitators. Over eleven years, the Festival has attracted a combined audience of 29 578 people nationwide. The SSFSA is ideal for young people seeking to explore their potential in a fun-filled, developmental way, simultaneously making their theatre debut professionally in a non-competitive environment. The SSFSA is fully interactive and provides guidance and resources through scripts, training, framework, and feedback, allowing Learners and Educators to successfully direct and perform Shakespearean plays from the first line to the final bow. In addition, we are committed to reaching out to learners with special educational needs who are differently abled, from diverse racial backgrounds, and those living in areas of deprivation. Whether engaging with young people in the Festival, in a school hall or classroom, our creative approach to education unlocks their potential. With us, young people change their attitude to learning.


from 92 reviews
"Wonderful experience. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Lighting and sound excellent. Seating was good, could see stage clearly. "
- Leta
"Great event with such amazing talent "
- Shaheem
"Stunning evening - the schools did exceptionally well!"
- Damian
"Going to the theatre is always a good experience. The level of production was amazing, it definitely does not feel like a school play but a wonderful theatre experience. I believe every child, who participated gained valuable knowledge about working on a stage, engaging with the audience and an understanding of what they are capable of. Thank you to the Team for this experience."
- Anjo
"So much talent! Awesome awesome show as always. Well done to all the schools. "
- Jenna Nel

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