Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa



Established in 2007, Educape's philosophy is influenced by a combination of experience with education and socially conscious theatre. Our programs unlock expressions of self-awareness so that we can better serve global communities by 'being the change'.


from 34 reviews
"So much talent! Awesome awesome show as always. Well done to all the schools. "
- Jenna Nel
"Wonderful experience. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Lighting and sound excellent. Seating was good, could see stage clearly. "
- Leta
"Please consider making arrangements for parking at the theatre, known to ticket buyers, before the event."
- Anonymous
"This is my third visit to the Festival, in supporting Pioneer School, and I am never, ever, ever disappointed. These kids clearly love what they are doing and it totally comes across. It's one of my annual highlights"
- Pearl
"Wonderfully organized. Stunning venue. Huge effort made by all the very talented young actors and actresses."
- Anonymous

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