Red Baroness



Winner of BEST COSTUME CROWN at the 5th Annual Slavic Burlesque Festival 2022. Red Baroness made history in 2022 by being the first South African Burlesque Performer to bring home the first international crown.

The Red Baroness is a voluptuous and fiery redhead with a passion for the extreme, different, challenging, and all that is glamorous. Her larger-than-life persona consumes every stage she walks onto and her presence captivates audiences. She is a force to be reckoned with and the word impossible does not exist in her vocabulary.

With more than 8 years of performing, the Baroness is a mature and confident woman, who knows what she wants, when she wants it and whom she wants it from!

She is also an actress and played the lead antagonist in the award-winning movie @Trafficked-Africa. Red Baroness is also a producer and director of her own shows.

Contestant at QUEENS NIGHT in November 2022 (6th Bohemian Burlesque Festival).

Lead antagonist in award-winning movie @Trafficked-Africa. Featured in music video with @Leczy – ‘AM A BOSS’

Winner of DROP AT A HAT in September 2016.Winner of CHEESECAKE BURLESQUE in March 2017

With love in glamorous glitter and sparkles.

Red Baroness


from 7 reviews
"Lovely show. The ladies were all elegant and it was lovely to watch. Super enjoyable for someone keen to dip into what burlesque is about."
- Siobhan
"Was amazing!!!"
- Anonymous
"I loved the performances. I just think the lighting could be better, as well as the audio. Maybe use microphones next time and play the songs on the video as opposed to just recording during the performances?"
- Anonymous

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