Sat Jun 20, 20:00 - Sun Jun 21, 04:00

Event is online


Featuring South Africa's top performers, #ScantyFloss is an exclusive, elegant online Burlesque event, proudly brought to you by #redbaroness and #ovdxproductions. These ladies are at the top of their profession in South Africa. Call them the 'MOTHERS' of burlesque in South Africa. They have paved the way for so many of us. What these ladies bring to the stage is exquisite, beautiful, fun, sexy and entertaining. Book your tickets now, for an online show unlike any other Burlesque performance in South Africa.

#ScantyFloss is a showcase of the finest, sexiest and most professional performers to have ever graced the stages and theatres in South Africa.







A link to this show will be sent to each audience member, with a reminder when show will start.

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