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Founded in 1914, the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra in Cape Town is arguably the most versatile and active orchestra on the continent of Africa, contributing handsomely to Cape Town’s global status and appeal. Through various incarnations from the Cape Town Municipal Orchestra to the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra, the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and finally again the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, the CPO is financially and culturally sustainable, attracting some of the leading international artists of our time. A multi-functional orchestra, the CPO delivers a world-class orchestra service to all communities in the region, participating in festivals and concerts across all genres of music.

Adapting to Covid-19 protocols and restrictions, the CPO immediately led the way into streaming community and symphony concerts and on-line teaching and mentoring the musicians in its youth development and education programmes.


from 565 reviews
"A special opportunity to enjoy this young violinist's talents."
- Kay
"Fantastic, thank you for the opportunity to attend live symphony again."
- Annemarie
"Thank you to the CSO for the exquisite music. You have led the way, by showing us that not even a pandemic can stop the music! You audience is forever grateful! Bravo! "
- vanessa
"The Orchestra performed superbly. The marimba concerto was really interesting and really well played. "
- Jacqui
"We have very much enjoyed the whole series and look forward to the Winter series. May I suggest that the streaming continues if or when the Covid restrictions are lifted. As older supporters of the orchestra, we would welcome the option to pay and stream a live concert particularly through the Winter period. "
- Anonymous

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