Dinners To Die For



Be immersed in a live-action Cluedo event, where we set the scene and you catch the killer!

Join us and be transported to another world. You are cordially invited to the most prestigious event in town, where a murderer is on the loose. Put your detective hat on and interrogate the suspects, follow the clues and examine the evidence to crack the case! This exciting dinner theatre experience with professional actors, takes the traditional murder mystery to the next level.

How it works:

Either, a murder scene will be present or an unexpected murder will take place. Shortly after, the detective will arrive and close off the crime scene. During your dinner, you will assist the lead detective in interrogating the suspects, gather clues and once the coroner has released the medical report, you will examine the evidence. At the end of the evening, you will decide who you think the murderer is and the guilty party will be arrested.

There will be a prize for the first detective to crack the case, the best dressed and a social media prize for the best post.


from 40 reviews
"Well organised, incredible acting and overall a wonderful experience! "
- Anonymous
"We had great fun - excited for the next Quiz evening !!"
- Lee & Tim
"Even with loadshedding, the organisers produced a flawless event that was complemented by great service by the restaurant. I'm certainly going to return - the best fun ever!"
- Christine
"Absolutely loved the amazing work the actors did in making the night come alive. We will be looking forward to more of your shows in the future. "
- Cara
"We had an amazing evening! Very interactive, fun and a great night out, and even if Sanet was the price that had to be paid, it was definitely worth it! Great immersion by actors who unwittingly because defensive of their fictional persona, who definitely didn't do it. Or, is that just what they WANT me to think?! Thanks guys! I really enjoyed your time spent with me??"
- Murray

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