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At Take Back Our Mountains, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. TBOM members are determined to make an impact.

The #TBOM movement came about as a counter to the escalating spate of attacks on the Cape mountains. The vision for this initiative is that the #TBOM movement act as a network for Runners, hikers, cyclists, Mtb, and tourists both local and international; and to, in union appreciates and enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the Cape has to offer. TBOM focuses on protecting biodiversity & Visitors Safety.

We have expanded our movement to include environmental clean-ups, educational outings, and scholar outreaches as well as Social and Community Development.

Additional funding allows for #TBOM's growth in the following aspects:

•Hosting more safe Runs / Hike in hot spot areas including patrols, providing more eyes in the mountains

•Environmental clean-ups can be done on a larger scale including environmental education for the youth.

•Feeding programs underprivileged communities.

•Hosting educational outreach hikes.

•Radio communication needed

•Heat and Night detection equipment for our Bark Stripping Patrol in Newlands forests

•Removal of Snares

•School fees assistance

Thank you for your support

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