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Local Surf Lounge Academy is our grass-roots surf club that caters to the youth from historically-disadvantaged communities surrounding the surfing hub of Muizenberg, on the Southern tip of Cape Town, in South Africa.

The club provides a safe-space away from the harsh realities of ghetto life, a place where all are welcome, surfboards & wetsuits are FREELY available, plus a shower and a meal. Its also a sense of community, of belonging, and we push the kids to improve their surfing as a healthy alternative lifestyle, to enter local competitions, to train as surf coaches, and ultimately to find positive outcomes in often hopeless situations. Surfing is a pathway to a brighter future.

The club is run by a handful of local volunteers and the members themselves, nobody gets paid, its all done for the love and care for the future generations. There is no funding, and just the rent of the clubhouse is a challenge to meet each month.

The Small Things Foundation has come onboard to help us find sustainable solutions to keeping the doors open, and improving what we can offer to the community.

The majority of surfers in the world are fairly fortunate. Growing up in shanty towns, dodging bullets from gang fighting, too often hungry, is not their reality. Chasing waves, decked out in rad surf clothes, sundowners and living the dream more so.

We want to appeal to all surfers who love riding waves, to appreciate their good fortune in life, and pledge a really small amount of ZAR100 (€5) a month, paying it forward to help us keep the doors open and keep changing the lives of these innocent children. If we all do a little, alot can be done!

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