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*Snapshot the account detail. For direct payments please make your payment to Goeie Nuus Fabriek Trust. Fnb Cheque account 62392313905 branch code 250655.

Name and cellphone nr as reference plz.*

Help us raise R100 000 before 31 May 2022 to relaunch Godly Revolution. Any donations starting with R20 up to R20 000 will do. Due to Covid19 regulations we are losing thousands of Rands on live event ticket sales. Our event that usually sells ten thousand tickets and it is now capped to selling only 1000 tickets. You can help us bridge the gap with crowd funding donations. You will even be rewarded for sowing into this great cause. For every donation received we will send a email with a free downloadable gift as a big thank you from our dedicated team and artists. We are committed to bring you the best Christian artists S.A. has to offer as well as worship experience that will impact thousands of lives. Your donation can make the difference. Let us create a better tomorrow for the youth with what we have today.

24 hours after payment be on the lookout for an email from Godly Revolution with a Free Downloadable Gift

Once again the account details.

Goeie Nuus Fabriek Trust. Fnb Cheque account 62392313905 branch code 250655

Your name & Cellphone nr as reference

Section 18A tax sertificates can also be made out to large donations on request.

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