Why? We aim to raise awareness about gender-based violence and funding for the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children.

“Saartje Baartman was established in 1999 because of the gender-based violence that was arising in the area but like I said earlier, GBV occurs in all strata of society, we have women coming in from all over. For me, and some people can’t understand my concept, I say it’s a sadness that we are still in existence and there is still a need for something like this and the need is even bigger now. The state president himself said it’s a second pandemic, the violence against women in South Africa.”

The Saartjie Baartman Centre provides a safe haven for women and children that have been abused. There is 24/7 security at the gate for peace of mind. It is a place for survivors to finally have a chance at finding independence and ultimately, freedom. 

Survivors are welcome to stay anything between 4 - 10 months. During this time, the women are offered a bunch of accredited courses and the opportunity to upskill and find a job. 

SBC is supported financially by the Government but only about 35-39% of the running fees are covered by the amount given. The director of SBC has to look for R6-8 million every year to keep the centre alive. 

The money goes to feeding around 100 people a day, electricity, maintenance, and other basic essentials. 

While the women are at SBC they are offered therapy, legal help, and rehab for substance abuse. 

SBC never turns anyone away without assistance of some form. They have helped over 240 000 women and children since opening. They've changed over a quarter million lives. 

Please help us to help them continue with this incredible work. 

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