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NB: Gender-affirming, Gender Confirming or Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) can help people feel safe and at home in their own bodies, and many have turned to GRS fundraising to live authentically.

Hi, I'm Charlie.

I was born in 1976 as a biological male.

From an early age I knew I was different ... yes, this story already sounds familiar doesn't it? It doesn't make it any less real for me though. I am TRANSGENDER. In my head, in my dreams, in my self expressions, in my quiet moments trying to study for an exam ... I have always been a woman. But growing up in South Africa. An apartheid South Africa, with conservative views, and zero tolerance for race, gender, sexuality, etc etc etc. I could not be myself. I could never be the woman I was. I had to be the man my dad raised. I had to be the man who provided for a family. I had to be .... well ... I had to be many things, which in the in end, didn't matter.

In late 2018, after 20 years of marriage, and a lifetime of living in shame; in depression; trapped; unhappy with myself and who I was ... I tried to commit suicide. Unsuccessfully. And although I survived ... physically ... I was still not back to normal. Life perhaps even got a little darker. Fine ... much darker.

Early 2019, in early April, I contemplated suicide again. This time though, sitting in the bath, starting to reach that place where you have discussions with your inner self, something snapped. And instead of doing something really stupid ... I shaved my legs. There is nothing particularly weird about shaving legs - many men do it. But for me ... it was a first. And when my wife burst into the bathroom and saw me ... she knew. I don't know how ... but she knew. This wasn't just shaving legs.

It has now been 2 years since coming out as Transgender to my loving wife, my family, my work colleagues and friends. I have started Hormone therapy (HRT). Ultimately though, dysphoria is still a big factor in my life. My body has been damaged by 40 odd years of testosterone. And in this economy, everyone needs a bit of help I guess.

This is a call for donations. Any funds you can spare. All donations are going towards eventual Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), or in plain words, bottom surgery.

Why should you help? Well, it's just a plea. I will never be able to accumulate the finances needed to do this. And I have already kinda accepted that I will never be complete as I cannot afford it, but just maybe ... big maybe ... your small donation could change this.

I am asking for your R5, or R10, or whatever you can. And if you already gave something, please give again. This fundraiser will remain open.

I will do all I can on my side as well, to save. Every penny that is not allocated to a very tight budget will go toward GRS.

I thank you in advance.

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