Please help emmanuel go to the rotax sakc 2022


Hello my name is Emmanuel

I'm a 14-year-old go-kart racer from Johannesburg south Africa. I grew up on the track I live eat breath racing I go-kart racing is my life my dream is to win the Rotax South Africa kart championship I am currently looking for sponsorship to help me through the 2022 season and keep me racing. I am asking anyone who could help me with a donation of any amount. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. Also, any companies that would like to sponsor a young racer please feel free to message me. Last season was great for me, I finished 4th In the Rotax junior south Africa kart championship, despite breaking my ankle racing up in Capetown. I was leading the championship until July when the injury occurred. I'm now currently getting ready for the next season and looking to win this season and the championship as it will all come down to the final round at the end of June. This money will be spent on spares for my go-kart, fuel, entry fees, upgrades for my kart, a new engine, new equipment/gear because the thing I am using now is old, traveling expenses, and any other unknown expenses, and getting to the meeting/training. If there is any way anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated and trust me you will be noted and not forgotten as anybody who helps is a member of team faze racing and remember When you donate you also subscribe to the updates about the progress of our program. I want you to see the ongoing results of your donation, so I promise to share monthly updates about the impact you are making in my racing career.


and when I win the season and the Rotax South Africa kart championship it is not just my win it everybody who donated and shared wins.

Thank you 

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