Elaine's Helping Hands NPO 261-179


Our aim for 2021 is to feed 250 children, provide each of them with a Christmas present, as well as provide them with some basic necessities, such as toiletries, and hopefully provide them with some goodies just for them to enjoy for the rest of the year!


We can only achieve this, with help from you!


As you know, financial support is extremely important, as we would be relying on donations from the public to provide services in the community that is greatly needed.


Would you be willing to donate either a monetary amount or merchandise from your business to us to assist fulfil the duties required by our mandate? Our Mandate can be sent to you on request.


It is a win/win situation when we benefit from your donation and you receive the goodwill which comes as a result of your generosity.


Let’s make this Christmas 2021 special for these children in our poorer communities, together!


Thank you for your generous support!


Elaine’s Helping Hands Team


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