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I am looking forward to financial support on behalf of Ms. Lebogang Brenda Motsumi. Ms Motsumi is an HIV activist, a single mother, a sister, a motivational speaker, and an Author.

Ms Lebogang Motsumi has been suffering from kidney failure since 2018. subsequent to her ill health, she was mostly absent from her previous work. She was then retrenched from work and her medical aid lapsed.l

currently she does not have any medical aid and has to pay for her medical bills. which is the reason why I took an initiati8ve to create this fundraising.

Ms Motsumi has been making an income through her motivational talks. she is at the moment very ill and unable to make any income. She is in need of emergency dialysis, her kidney function is at 3. She has recently reached out for help at public hospitals which could not assist her due to their long waiting list. we all know that we have been losing a lot of people awaiting dialysis. Let us save this young woman who has motivated a lot of people to stay positive everyday.

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