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BRAG is a collaboration between Grace Animal Sanctuary and Beagle in Mind. We re-home, rehabilitate and support Beagles across South Africa.

Lets support Chrisna and Anmari as they take on the Cape Town Marathon on the 17th of October where they will "not be running to BRAG, but running for BRAG"

The story of how they became #Mom and #Daughter

After Anmari supported Chrisna on her 2016 Comrades she decided that she will be by her Mom's side on the road the following year. And so our journey started. #mom #daughter. They share every training run, ride or swim. Sweat together in the gym and at the bio and do every single race together.

After 3 Comrades, 3 Two Oceans ultra marathons, two full Ironman events and numerous marathons and other races only one thing has changed - they acquired another running buddy.

Just over two years ago they fostered Prince for BRAG. The initial two weeks became a foster fail after two months. Prince had one big flaw in his make-up - he can’t go for walkies. He wants to do runnies!!! Hence he started joining them on runs. It started off with 5 km and well, last Sunday they ran almost 26 kilometers and afterwards he refused to get into the car. He wanted to run more!!!!!

And with the many kilometers a thought started to grow in Chrisna's mind- I wanted to run a marathon for an organization helping beagles. "And what better choice than BRAG who brought Prince into our lives!"

Lockdown and the lack of races paused this for a while. The Cape Town marathon on the 17th October - a world renowned 42.2 km - is the first opportunity to realize this dream. In many ways also the perfect one as it attracts elite athletes and social runners from all over the world. Starting at the Cape Town stadium they will run along the promenade before heading to the Southern suburbs, around the Rondebosch Common and winding our way back to the stadium through our beautiful city.

Please support their cause by donating and sponsoring these to iron ladies per km and supporting us on this day!!

We will ensure to be next to the road cheering them on - bring your beagles along and show them your support!

Their aim, is to raise funds by getting sponsored per KM - between the two of them, would you pledge to help them, help many Beagles in need?? Pledge your sponsor per KM.

They will each be doing 42.2 km on the day in support of the Beagles in need!

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