Underlying all systems of injustice, racism and oppression are the narratives that justify how, and why these systems are the way they are. Nobody, not even the church is immune to these destructive narratives. Changing these systems means changing the stories we believe, and tell about them. At Isiphambano we believe it's gospel centred justice which changes the narrative for good?


It will come as no surprise that most non-profits have been hit incredibly hard financially by the events of the last few years. Isiphambano is no different and it is for this reason that we are asking you to join us in an urgent fundraising effort. Please consider partnering with us in one or more of the following ways to help us continue to change the narrative


We are looking to raise R 40 000 to help sustain us and keep us moving forward during these challenging times.

That may seem like a lot but all it takes is:

  • Every person on our email list giving just R60 each or
  • Each Instagram subscriber giving just R90 each
  • 200 people giving just R 200 each
  • 100 people giving just R 400 each
  • 80 people giving just R 500 each

Donate today and help Isiphambano continue to #changethenarrative

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