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Jaxx, the Red Siberian Husky, completed his Walk 4 SOS Huskies 31-day journey from Plettenberg Bay to Cape Town on 29 August 2021. He was accompanied by his 62-year-old adopted Dad, Desmond Langkilde (aka The Fossil), a travel blogger and founder of Walk4Africa.org (W4A). The Fossil and his best friend travelled a round trip distance of ±4000km, having departed from Johannesburg on Wednesday 28 July and subsequently walked parts of the ±828km coastal route to arrived in Cape Town on Sunday 29 August 2021. Overnight stops were hosted by pet-friendly accommodation partners along the way. Besides fundraising, Jaxx shared his experiences from a (Husky) dogs perspective to raise awareness about pet-friendly travel via daily blog posts and social media.


Since his birth seven years ago, Jaxx has been through five foster homes and finally found his permanent home when Des's wife Beverley adopted him through Husky Rescue SA (HRSA). Since then HRSA closed their Cape Town branch and SOS now assist with Husky rescues in the region. But Jaxx is one of the lucky few. Dogs can't speak for themselves. If they could, they'd tell you that they have also been adversely affected by the COVID pandemic. They'd tell you how their owners became unemployed or had to contend with salary cuts. They'd tell you how these financial difficulties translated to neglect or surrender of domestic pets and their ultimate rescue by animal welfare organisations. However, without funding, animal welfare organisations cannot perform their essential rescue services.


Saviors Of Siberians (SOS) is a Cape Town based rescue organisation, founded by DelRay Nortier in September 2019. DelRay started out with a FB page which she used to raise awareness of the Husky breed, to rescue & rehabilitate Huskies, and to educate the public, Husky lovers, and owners alike, about the very unique needs of this beautiful breed. Berenice Lemaitre later joined SOS and added her efforts to assist with the endless stream of surrendered (abandoned by their owners) and rescued Huskies. These two passionate, committed ladies are determined to make a mark in SA where it comes to the Huskies! They believe every animal deserves an amazing life with their humans and do their best to make this happen - despite severe financial constraints!!


The average cost per rescue/surrender (if none of the below taken care of by owner) works out at R3,712 (Excluding travel costs).

Here's the breakdown:

R1700 - Sterilisation (SOS rescue rate)

R360 - Vaccination (SOS rescue rate)

R240 - Vaccination Booster (SOS rescue rate)

R200 – R250 Microchip + implant                 

R440 - Bravecto (L)                   

R50 - LC Dewormer                 

R250 - Grooming (SOS rescue rate for Huskies)

R420 - LC 20Kg Adult Dog Food (45 days)

R52 - Identity Tag (for Collar)

Since May 2020, SOS has rescued and re-homed 55 Huskies (of which 15% were surrendered and 85% abandoned).

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