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We, at Transformation Sanctuary are seeking your assistance to develop a Future which is sustainable for all our rescue animals, clients in need, as well as the less fortunate that we intend to assist by creating jobs and housing. Our team with the assistance of SCAT will educate those who merely need guidance into the importance of our animal kingdom, as well as our Environment, and how to rehabilitate us all as a New.

Our schools shall teach an in debt framework which is vital in the understanding of Animals, their nature, coaching people into a better self, earth and her importance to us, and most importantly how we can establish a brand new Planet. We, all of us, even you play a dire part in making this a reality for so many who are in desperate need of the opportunities we will be giving them, opportunities to a new life and possibilities.

We will teach and develop, self-sustainability on food sources, creating a food chain where nature creates the forests and food that will be supplied to those of the sanctuary and others who lack in maintaining their own food sources and who are not able to afford it. Man and animal alike, will have more than enough. This will no longer be a fight for survival, this will create LIFE!

What we will accomplish in the lives Animals, Woman, Children, Men and Families, will be remarkable. Imagine a brand new beginning, where lives are saved, people are given a second chance to implement their talents, where they have not had that given to them before. Creating limitless possibilities for everyone who chooses to take part in this change. Lives, filled with Hope, Peace, Harmony, Friendships, Humbleness, and most of all a Brand New Earth with an abundant supply, a purified Ecosystem, an existence where we will always have enough.

Our team at Transformation Sanctuary with the help of SCAT and their networks, we request that you be part of this gratifying experience. Saving the lives of Animals and Children who need only a chance to become something extraordinary.

We urge you to take the time, connect with us, create these miracles with us. Every penny invested in us goes to the care of our Animals, Land developments, work for teachers, staff for various categories, this will build homes, forestry for a sustainable living, investing of land big enough to make this all possible.

This request too is urgent for those currently on this mission, as the funding will help them with their current challenges they have been facing.

We can do this in Synergy, let us all make this happen.

Thanking you in advance

Much Love, from our Team

Transformation Sanctuary. & SCAT

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