Give the Gift of Hearing


Hear to Aid is a Zimbabwe-based Foundation offering hearing health care services to children and youths aged 18 and under. For eight years the founders have been offering help, free of charge, to children from low income families. Services range from hearing tests and infection management to rehabilitation through hearing aids.

By supporting this work, you will be instrumental in helping a child hear again. This can be their lifeline to develop speech and access secular education.

Every little helps.

R 70 covers infection management for one child (US$5)

R 215 covers the cost of foreign body removal (US$15)

R 360 covers the cost of hearing screening (US$25)

R 720 covers the cost of custom made ear molds for one child (US$50)

R 1580 covers the cost of full diagnostic hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting (hearing aids and molds not included) (US$110)

R 86250 covers the cost of a field audiometer that can run without access to electricity and in the absence of a sound booth (US$6000)

All children tested receive new unused donated digital hearing aids suited for their specific hearing loss.

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