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The Queenspark Football Club Executive Committee would like to thank you in advance for your support to our fundraiser. Queenspark FC was established in 1965, located in Woodstock, Cape Town, an area, like most Cape Flats areas, is infested with drugs and gangsterism. Our clubs main aim is to socially uplift the community and create a positive environment for the youth to thrive in. Queenspark FC, has two groups; 5 junior teams (ages 8-17) and 4 Senior teams, with members coming from all walks of life. The majority of our members come from disadvantaged backgrounds (drugs,poverty and abuse). The volunteers of our club, puts together regular fundraising events, however, this has not been possible during the pandemic nor enough to sustain all the needs of our club. It is thus, that we are requesting assistance which will be used for the following:

- Transport Costs (Hiring of Transport/Funding for a vehicle)

- Membership and LFA Fees

- Equipment (balls, bibs, training equipment etc) and;

- Kits (Shorts, Socks, T-Shirts, Soccer Boots, Tracksuits)

Unfortunately, maintaining a soccer club is expensive and our volunteers have, for the past years, given of themselves tirelessly and without regret but it is not easy, and many of our families cannot afford the costs involved. We have however, never let this deter us from our club goals. We ask the assistance to help subsidize all the necessary costs and mainly to assist us to keep this club afloat, so that it can continue for years to come, to keep our community in a positive state.

Thank you for the support.


QPFC Executive Committee

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