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The Boy is a Tree

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The 2020 Matrics initiated Sponsor a Paul Rooser / Borg 'n Paul Rooser - an initiative to raise funds for learners and families experiencing financial hardship.

Photo credit: Lukas Stander

Paul Roos Gymnasium is proud to build on this initiative with The Boy is a Tree Campaign in 2021. 

Onlangse verwikkelinge in ons ekonomie het 'n direkte impak op ons families. Die behoefte aan finansiële ondersteuning vir leerders se skool- en koshuisfondse raak al hoe meer algemeen. 

Paul Roos Gymnasium needs your support. We would like to raise a minimum of R350 000. In the spirit of Youth Month, we invite you to make a difference in the lives of numerous learners at our school. Your contribution helps PRG maintain excellence whilst creating opportunities for the new leaders of the future. It also offers you the chance to win some wonderful prizes. 

Bydraes kan gemaak word tot en met die einde van Julie 2021. Wenners word 1 Augustus 2021 aangekondig.

Have a look at our video or scroll down to find competition details.

Donations between R10 and R499 are more than welcome. Keep an eye out for the incentives we have on offer over the next couple of days for those who make contributions smaller than R500 before the end of June 2021. We have three great prizes to be won in that category. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more.


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