Luna Paige: Behold, my Heart Competition


Welcome to my music-making journey! The campaign has almost come to an end. What a journey!

It seems like I won't be making my goal of R70 000. I realise with all that is happening in the world, raising the amount I have is a great privilege. There is no way any of us could predict how life would turn out in 2021. I am very grateful. Thanks to all who contributed and helped me get here today. If you are here and are considering to contribute, please do help me hit the R40 000 mark. I still have recording expenses to cover. The smallest amount can help me reach the mark. Feel free to share this with your friends too.

A late-night message from home

This message ends off with a home-studio demo version of one of my new songs



As I receive your contribution & email address I will be sending you regular updates (behind the scenes videos and sneak-peaks into studio and the creative process). No one else but supporters will be able to see these videos.


We are done recording and mixing. The music is now being mastered, after which the video edits will be tackled.


Crowdfunding supporters receive my new music before the public

Exclusive preview of my music video for 'Little Lies'

The winners of the competition is announced on social media platforms and contacted via e-mail


The official online announcement of the website and online store

All music sales are open and available to the public

Official debut of my music video 'Little Lies'

How much can you contribute & what can you get out of it?

Free music & great prizes to be won!

Shipping & House Concerts only in South Africa


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

1x Luna Paige album of your choice

Chance to win 1 of 3 Wanderland Collective gift hampers (2x designer notebooks and 1x reusable travel mug)


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

1x Luna Paige album of your choice

Chance to win 1 of 2 Biltong & Brew gift hampers (500g biltong, 500g droëwors & one pack of Eighteen Coffee)


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

2x Luna Paige albums of your choice

Chance to win 1 of 2 D'Aria Music Wine Range gift hampers (2x bottles of red, 2x bottles of white, 1x bottle of Pop Song Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc)


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

2x Luna Paige albums of your choice

Chance to win 1 of 2 ClemenGold Gin gift hampers (500ml ClemenGold Gin, 2 ClemenGold Gin tumblers, ClemenGold dried rings)


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

2x Luna Paige albums of your choice

Chance to win a Luuks Studio gift hamper (750ml Stellenbosse Nonnatjie Olive Oil, Daniel Cotton & Leather Canvas Wine Cooler & 1 Oven / Braai mitten)


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

3x Luna Paige albums of your choice

Chance to win Eighteen Coffee, a D'Aria Music Range gift hamper and a ClemenGold Gin hamper

(see images above - combo prize)


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

3x Luna Paige albums of your choice

Chance to win a Luuks Studio gift hamper, a Korreltjie Kantel CD & an authentic, signed Korreltjie Kantel art print

To view the prints click here


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

4x Luna Paige albums

Chance to win of of 3 Luna Paige House Concerts (any time between September 2021 and December 2022)


My four new tracks

Invitation to my launch

All my albums

Chance to win a Korreltjie Kantel prize consisting of:

  • a Vlam in die Sneeu book (as written by André P Brink & Ingrid Jonker)
  • a Korreltjie Kantel art print - authentic & signed
  • a Korreltjie Kantel CD - signed
  • An original and framed art work by urban artist Lisette Forsyth inspired by the poem 'Fragment' by Ingrid Jonker

The value of this prize: R15 000 (exl the music)


A great shout-out to the following businesses, entrepreneurs & friends who decided to back my campaign and offer their top-notch products as incentives to those who support me. I am a fan of all of these people. I approached them because I love their products and want everyone to know about it.

  1. ClemenGold Gin: My favourite Gin & my creative partner for many years. A company that supports artists, conservationists, sports talents, writers and more.
  2. Luuks Studio: Owned by Edith Thiart & Ilse van der Merwe (an entrepreneur I admire). These two manufacture and source top-quality and hand-crafted gifting solutions. Products range from kitchen utensils and accessories to premium olive oil, wine coolers and leather handbags. Stylish, simple and beautiful.
  3. Artist: Lisette Forsyth: An urban artist based in Cape Town - known for her work on found objects. She has an observant eye and often expresses her views on social issues through her art. She supported me in the Korreltjie Kantel project. Her work can be seen at the State of the Art Gallery in Cape Town.
  4. D'Aria Winery: A winery that loves music, produced a music-inspired range, and can always be associated with good quality.
  5. Biltong & Brew: Two of my favourite worlds meet - biltong & coffee! What more does a girl want? Delicious coffee & top-quality biltong & droëwors. Owner of Biltong & Brew promotes 18 Coffee - the popular coffee company owned by Blitzbokke Kyle Brown, Cecil Afrika and Philip Snyman.
  6. Wanderland Collective: Being a songwriter (and sometimes a closet poet) I can't resist a brand new and beautiful notebook. I love Wanderland Collective because they are proudly South African, collaborate with visual artists and because it's a female-run business that supports other female-run small businesses. Their product range varies from notebooks, to reusable cups (something a coffee-junkie will appreciate), cushions, scarves and more.
  7. Korreltjie Kantel / Iluminar Productions: Iluminar Productions set aside a few Korreltjie Kantel CD's and available prints for this campaign. Visual artists will be remunerated as well.


All funds donated will be allocated towards recording and video production costs. By being able to produce visual content I can promote the songs on Youtube and social media platforms and hopefully generate more sales.

Just under 20 people will get paid for their creative contribution to this project - many of which were out of work for the most of 2020. I will give feedback throughout and share photos and videos about our progress. I will introduce the studio, the musicians and all parties involved as we progress! It is going to be so much fun. Below is a breakdown of expense categories for some clarity:

Studio, sound engineer & Arrangements

  • 3 days in studio
  • recording of 4 songs
  • arrangement of 2 songs (strings & horns)

Session musicians

  • drummer
  • bassist
  • guitarist
  • percussionist
  • horn players (3 players)
  • string quartet (4 players)
  • two backing vocalists

Mixing of four songs

(Mixing engineer)

Mastering of four songs

(Mastering engineer)

Video shoot(s): Promotional Material


Photo shoot: Behind-the-scenes & publicity photos


Development of the online music store & revamp of my website


The aim is to raise R70 000. Your contribution will make the world of difference.

Thank you for your support in advance. It is appreciated immensely.

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