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We are Jesa Setshaba (Feed The Nation), founded by a husband (38) and wife (32) team. We started on a small scale in 2019 raising only a 100 broiler chickens in our backyard.

After a few cycles of growing and selling chickens to friends and family, we managed to establish a market in Soweto and Boksburg and moved into a rented 200 square meter warehouse in Johannesburg. We then registered the business in February 2020 | Reg 2020/056737/07. We sell mostly to street vendors at stock price of R50 per chicken and they resell to the public from anything between R70 – R90 making good profit for themselves

We recently closed down our operation because we were raising our chickens in a warehouse in town, with 3000 broiler chickens at the time, 5 Permanent and 10 Part Time Employees. The place could not keep more than 1 500 chickens and the environment is not ideal for farming.

In order to revive, grow and expand the business, we used up all the profit and savings from the chicken business as well as personal savings to secure 8.5Ha piece of land in a small farming town situated East of Johannesburg called Delmas, this is where we plan to move our farm operations permanently.


The farm is a bare piece of land which currently has NO buildings, NO borehole, NO electricity, NO structures to house the chickens, NO fence or storeroom; these facilities are required in the short term in order for us to start operating on a full time basis. Project buildings form a critical part of support in our operations.


We are looking for new/old/second hand building materials from construction or demolition sites, bricks, cement, fencing, roofing materials, farm equipment, or any kind of building materials which we can use to build some structures and get our farm off the ground. Monetary Donations are also welcome.


We have knocked on many doors but it seems big brands only assist or associate themselves with prominent individuals that give them some sort of publicity. We have knocked on Government doors as well but have not been successful. 

Many lives depend on us making this farm work, the future is in Farming and food production. The sector is difficult to penetrate and with a bit of help, we will make a difference. We intend on training and empowering both the young and the old and helping them realize the importance of farming and how just about anyone can plant their own vegetables or raise a few livestock on a small piece of land.

Please help us.

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