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Greetings my name is Nokukhanya Khumalo I'm a 32-year-old female from South Africa in Durban Kzn was diagnosed with Hiv, High-risk Hpv, anaemia and I also founded out a few months ago that I also have a condition called rectovaginal fistulae ... (I'm passing faeces in my vagina)... I have been HIV positive for more than 10 years now never defaulted my treatment. ..In 2012 my x boyfriend tried to kill me fortunately I survived but I had internal bleeding in my cervix and I stayed in ICU for weeks ... that is is when my body started rejecting regiment one I was already taking ... I'm now taking regiment 2 ... I have been living in a hospice from June last year until now ..because of my condition .. My home is too far from the public road and we only have 1 room and 1 bed ... we use this room for everything like sleeping cooking etc ...My mom lost her job 3 years ago we all depend on my sister grant... I can no longer use my nose to breath it blocked with warts I struggle to breathe especially at night. .. during the day I always try to keep my mouth open to breathe... I'm really suffering these days because we always have to wear a mask and warts in my nose and vagina bleed sharing a room with my mom and siblings is hard for them because I bleed every day because of these warts I can no longer sit properly. .. the amount of smelly discharge coming from these warts is too much I can no longer control it . I'm raising money medical bills, buy Healthy food and supplements prescribed by the doctor at the hospice, pay a car that I hire to take me to the hospital to get a blood infusion. some people might ask why I need Financial assistance my plan is to buy supplements that are recommended by a doctor from the hospice, buy a laptop and to do freelancing jobs online .... because I don't want to depend in handouts... My body is weak and I spend most of the time in bed .......and there is no hope of going home anytime soon My home is too far from at the public road and I constantly need blood infusion because I bleed every day. I bleed a lot suddenly I can no longer control the amount of smelly discharge coming from these warts. .. I cannot even afford to buy a pack of pads clothes toiletries and food ... I tried committing suicide a few years ago and I'm scared I might do it again I'm nobody friends the neighbours are calling me and family names ..because of my condition. being told that I smell kills me emotionally of the reasons why I live in a hospice in Hillcrest called Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust it easy to get transport that I will hire from there because I need blood infusion while I'm waiting for my Cd4 count to reach 200. My Cd4 count is currently low I have been trying to get help from many different hospitals but they are all saying my body is too weak ... I take my Arvs every day even on an empty stomach BECAUSE of this pandemic ambulances are no longer they are always busy and I cannot use public transport on my condition I'm raising these funds to start my journey of helping my body get stronger so that I can get help and see my family again ... I miss them very much ?? My plan is to use the money i raised to help improve my physical and emotional well being ... I will use it to buy supplements, pay a car I hire to take me to the hospital for a blood infusion i will use the laptop to do freelancing jobs online so that I will be able to help my mom and siblings buy some groceries I do get a plate of food, but it always hard for me to eat knowing that they don't have any food to eat at home I'm weak I spend the whole day in bed i have been suffering from stress and anxiety for years I must currently taking daily antidepressants. .I'm suffering from ... I know I will need to provide proof I don't have.

Any problem proving what I wrote because genuinely need help.  My mom is unemployed we all depend on my younger sisters grant.... Already spent 6 months in this hospice taking my Arv'so. ... I never defaulted my arv's tried getting help from 3 different hospital but they all say my cd4 count need to reach at least 200... because I'm too weak Yes I'm stressed and weak ... but I'm not going to give up without a fight.. I tried getting a legit online job but it hard because I don't have any resources like a laptop and WiFi . .. I don't mind taking video calls and sending proof to any 1 who is willing to help. .. warts in my nose are also growing every day and the one in my vagina bleed every day I get weaker. PLEASE FOR SENDING SUCH PICS BUT I HAVE TO BECAUSE IT Hard to trust people these days I don't mind sending proof because I genuinely need help ........I will appreciate any kind of help I can get even information for organisations that you think might help me will be so appreciated and prayers ..forgive me for sending such pics..plz help me save my life.

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