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At Love Lions Alive Sanctuary, we believe in giving the cats in our care the best lives they can have. This includes building them up to their highest physical potential by feeding them a good diet and adding vitamins and minerals daily.

LLA's constantly works at improving their lives in every respect, not only do we give them interesting and beautiful habitats which provide exercise and fitness opportunities, we also provide the highest quality veterinary care and administer chronic meds to those who need it.

We have had a wonderful donation from Environ to cover the annual Vitamin A for the lions, but we are also about to have the annual vaccinations done. There are always veterinary costs. The welfare and wellbeing of the cats depends on this.

The correct and constant medical care means that the lions, jaguars and pumas get to live out the rest of their lives in the best, most improved manner possible.

Please help to support LLA's veterinary expenses. This fundraiser is aiming to raise R1000 per cat at LLA for their annual vaccination.

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