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Good day. My name is Elube Mary Nkhoma and my dream is to go to high school so that I can get an education. I am currently in grade 7 attending Westlake Primary School in Cape Town.

Next year I have been accepted for grade 8 at Bright Student Learning Centre in Wynberg ( and I have started this campaign to raise funds to pay for my education in 2021.

My mother dropped out of school when she was still in grade 5. My mother’s father passed away when my mom was 11 years old so her mother could not afford her school fees because life was very difficult for her after her husband passed on.

My father lost his job when the lockdown started so my mom is the only person that works (4 days per week). She has paid the R500 registration fee for the school but does not earn enough money to pay for my school fees next year.

This is how I calculated my target of R16 000: Taxi fare from Westlake to Wynberg R30/day and school fees of R800/month. My mom said she will save and use her Christmas bonus to buy my uniform and the stationery.

Please can you donate to my campaign to help my mom pay my school fees because I don’t want to end up dropping out of school like she did. I can see that life is hard for my parents because they do not have an education and I really want to do all I can to build a better future for myself.

Please help me to get a high school education so that I can make my mother and father proud. I will really appreciate every cent. I have a sponsor who helped me make this campaign and the funds will be deposited into her bank account and she will pay them directly to the school.

Thank you very much,

Elube Mary Nkhoma

Update: Dear All. Thanks to each and every one of you who contributed to Mary's campaign! I have just given her the news telephonically and she is just so happy to hear that she will be going to high school next year. The principal has been notified of the success of her funding campaign and will forward me an invoice for advance payment of the fees for 2021. One donor has very generously offered to cover the cost of her uniform for the duration of her schooling. Mary has asked to personally thank each of the donors and I will assist her to send out an email message this weekend. In light of the rapid success of this campaign, and knowing that her school fees will be an ongoing expense, I have decided to extend the campaign to cover school fees for grade 9 in 2022. I am totally overwhelmed by the generosity that has been shown through this platform- thank you Quicket for your support!

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