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chelo is the bursary program facilitated by Hout Bay International School (HBIS). Chelo currently supports 12 children- one per grade level.

This bursary programme was conceptualized in 2007 by a group of parents who were driven by a desire for an international school to integrate global and local diversity. The other main focus was to provide opportunities to previously disadvantaged communities in Hout Bay in the form of world class education.

The impact in South Africa of enforced segregation from the past and significant inequalities of the present are glaringly obvious. The international education system (IES) invests in opportunities to diversify its student population and give back to those students most left behind due to the history of our country. When young students from diverse backgrounds sit in the classroom and grow their minds together, they gain skills beyond just scholarship. They begin to understand each other and bridge the gaps of coexistence with benevolence. This extends beyond the daily periods of Maths, Science and English, and invokes the soft skills of respect, relationships, family, community, aspiration, leadership, positive peer influence, culture and collaboration.

Through chelo, the families who attend our school and wider community recognize the importance of providing educational opportunities to our new South Africans – our future global citizens. As South Africa transforms, we have an obligation to help our youth, both the haves and have-nots, cultivate respect for the cultural, economic and personal diversity in our neighbourhoods. I sincerely hope all students, parents and staff commit to playing an active and ongoing role in the chelo Programme. 

What we offer the bursary students

• Mentorship

• Social worker/psychologist

• Educational assessment

• Uniforms

• Educational equipment – including computer equipment

• Stationery

• Textbooks and Learning resources

• Occupational Therapy

• Homework support

• School camps

• Contribution to additional support if needed ( counselling,optometrist, dentist, GP)

• Fees for International Examinations

• University or other tertiary entry fees support


Additional COVID-19 2020 costs.

• Data for each student monthly

• Laptops and tablets for kids to access class from home

Most of the funds for this programme are raised by private sponsors or donors. All of these sponsors had to pause during South Africa's COVID-19 lockdown from Feb 2020 until likely the end of this year. 

We also plan bi-annual events such as Summertime School Picnics and our highly anticipated fundraiser to be held in December. The chelo Holiday Carols, where we hope the entire Hout Bay community will descend on our school for a beautiful evening of unity and community. But with COVID-19 issues, the school may not be able to host this event.

COVID-19 has cut any real fundraising for our program since Feb 2020.

We need only around 6000$ or 100,000 Rand to cover the costs for this year.

WE ONLY NEED HALF of the student families at HBIS (150 families) to sign up for giving 50 Rand a month we can over-reach our goal and can do even more to support 12 kids to succeed in the International Baccalaureate Program in Hout Bay. If all the families of HBIS could give 20 Rand a month for the year or just Rand as a one off donation we will quickly reach our goal.

If you’d like to donate to chelo, please do so here via gofundme gf.me/u/yw55uq in US Dollars

or follow the link to EFT or direct deposit Rand through 


Snap Scan and Zapper are also options through this quicket page.

For more information about the chelo programme, please go to www.chelo.org.za

Thank you for helping to provide educational opportunities to our future global citizens.

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