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Covid 19 and the lockdown experience has taught us how important people are in our lives and how much we all need Love

As an act of Love - the Choose Love Program was offered for free - to all who wanted help or who wanted to learn and grow and more that 150 people have participated in the program at one or another level ...

You may even have been one of the people who joined in this amazing experience and could testify about the value the program adds to one and all

We would love to be able to continue to offer the Choose Love Program for free but this is challenging and we will in future invite students to contribute whatever they can towards the cost of the program and to donate towards the cost of students who can genuinely not contribute but who need help - so that one and all who want to learn and grow can attend the Choose Love Program

The rule and outcome is simple:

Everybody who wants to learn and grow will be welcomed onto the Choose Love Program with open arms - irrespective of their financial status

We are therefore working towards establishing a Bursary Management Team (By Grace Today) where students who need help to participate in the Choose Love program can apply for grants and bursaries

So, if you love the idea of helping people in a real and practical way with proven results ...

Help people to get really healthy - mentally, emotionally, spiritually

Or if you have been on the Choose Love Program and know what a difference the program makes in peoples lives and in your own life ...

Please support the Choose Love Program - so that we can help even more people

We hope that you Love the Choose Love program ...

Thank you ...

Kind Regards .... Herman

The Choose Love Project

PS : Please join us on the program - so register HERE

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