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?Hello I'm Tiisetso Thapo from soweto(protea glen)I hope you are safe during this pandemic.

I'm a 17 year old soon to be 18 years next year my dream is that I want to be a music producer my love for making music started at a very young age(14) I started watching videos regarding fl studio then I instantly fell in love in music production.Growing up we didn't have much my brother bought a Computer which took my music production in a new direction everytime I would be free I would start the Computer then head to FL Studio to teach myself until eventually I got it(basics & other stuff).I was the first kid in my hood to teach myself music production.I introduced FL Studio to my friend Fezile which he too fell in love with music production I started telling that we should a collaboration eventually we did & we are still pushing in the music industry we lack promotions(people to showcase our work).My brother is in university & the last few months he took the Computer cause his laptop was broken and he had to use the computer so I've been computer less since March (when covid 19 started) I've been asking my friend Fezile to come to his house to produce music & his parents allowed me to come and produce music with him.My love for making music won't stop.I have been trying to save money to buy my very own Computer but during this pandemic I can't.My only source of income was school so since I can't be attending I'm always indoors cause of Corona Virus.My Dream is that I wish I could build my very own bedroom studio & that my brand(IG:toxicwear_za)could be successful.I've always wanted to have a "Studio in a box bundle" cause its the ultimate build of a studio but due to lack of funds I can't afford it so please help me make my dream come true

Thank You for Reading I Hope You Have A Good Day & Please Stay safe during this pandemic

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