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Rodney is in urgent need of an emergency operation to restore his eyesight which he lost overnight and has been left with 5% vision as per doctor's evaluations. Time is not on our side and his vision can be restored with your help.

Rodney is a living father, brother, uncle, son and friend who is a light in everyone's life. The loss of his eyesight put a grinding halt on his employment and work and his wife had to take the role of caregiver. It is very tough for Rodney to provide for his 3 daughters in his current condition. Due to this Rodney cannot afford the required operation .

According to Doctor Wolff Rodney has been diagnosed with severe bleeding behind both eyes and eye cataracts on both eyes. The scientific name can be found the attached quotes.

The total for the surgery for both eyes as per the attached quotes is R63 226.25 per eye bringing the total to R126 452,50 and the consultation cost of R1974,50

Any donation small or big will bring Rodney one step closer to changing Rodney's life and enabling to do what he loves again.

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