Returning Dignity to Lions


Returning dignity to lions. We are raising funds to build homes in South Africa for lions who have been bred in captivity and kept in cages in Ukraine.

Lions should not be in captivity, they should not be in Europe and they definitely should not be in cages at circuses, zoos and in night clubs for human entertainment.

Help us to build these rescued lions the most natural enclosures possible. Giving them the opportunity to develop their natural instinct as lions, giving them room to move, bushes to brush against, water pools from which to drink at will and space to grow in confidence.

We are still in need of R250 000 to complete this relocation so that these lions can begin their lives at LLA sanctuary.

At Love Lions Alive Sanctuary, we care for the lions for the rest of their lives. Offering them a place of safety and reprieve, we are dedicated to returning dignity to lions.

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