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ere at FOUR PAWS, we rely on donations from kind supporters such as yourself in order to fund our projects focused on animal rescue and welfare. We have various projects and campaigns such as:

  • FOUR PAWS Sanctuaries and support for local shelters that accommodate and pro-actively take care of rescued animals.
  • Emergency Disaster Relief campaigns, such as our recent campaign for the lions in Sudan.
  • Campaigns for animal rights & welfare issues, such as our campaign against the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Industry in Southeast Asia and our campaign for the bile bears in Vietnam.
  • Castration & Vaccination programs such as our project in Silk Island for the wellbeing of stray animals.

Additionally, we have many other active projects such as undercover investigations, campaigns against fur and the tiger trade industry. All our campaigns have one thing in common, which is adhering to our 3 important values: reveal, rescue & protect. Please have a look at our campaign page for our current projects.

It is your donation that enables us to actively keep campaigning for animals in need and improving animal welfare standards worldwide. Specifically, you can see how your donation contributes towards the betterment and welfare of animals below:

  • R 100 could provide appropriate nutrition for a rescued lion for a day.
  • R 350 could provide for adequate medical care, vaccination and neutering of a stray. The latter prevents reproduction and subsequent suffering.
  • R 500 could contribute to enrichment for all animals at our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary.
  • A generous R1000 donation could provide a full medical check and vaccination

On behalf of the animals, the FOUR PAWS team would like to thank you for making a difference!

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