Studio Kairos Fundraiser


Dear Dancer, Dear Friend,

Studio Kairos needs our help.

Let’s join forces to keep the magic alive!

You are reading this now because you are one of us.

To continue being there for us, Studio Kairos needs us to provide a cash injection. The goal is to raise funds towards rent and Simon’s salary until the end of the year.

The options for contribution are:

R500 - for which you will receive:

5 single class-tickets. (Expires 31.12.2020)

R900 - for which you will receive:

10 single class-tickets. (Expires 31.12.2020)

Once-off donation of R1000 or more:

In return, a number of gifts are available to you: such as Theta-healing session, Art class. Kinesiology session... First come, first served. Better be quick!

You have experienced the magic of Studio Kairos while:

dancing at Studio Kairos.

feeling the love dancing at Studio Kairos.

feeling the connection with yourself dancing at Studio Kairos.

feeling the connection with other beautiful people dancing together at Studio Kairos.

becoming healthier dancing at Studio Kairos and

even becoming pain-free dancing at Studio Kairos.

falling in love with yourself while dancing at Studio Kairos

allowing yourself to be silly dancing at Studio Kairos

allowing yourself to be still dancing at Studio Kairos.

feeling that life makes sense again dancing at Studio Kairos!

receiving insights dancing at Studio Kairos.

becoming a teacher at Studio Kairos.

feeling the joy of living - dancing at Studio Kairos.

having purpose again that makes you jump out of bed – knowing that you can just go and dance again with beautiful people at Studio Kairos.

while feeling that you are never alone ...

Susan and Kim are real warriors to keep the magic going. They need us now.

All of us have benefited so much and know we have received a priceless gift. We have the opportunity to give back and nurture Studio Kairos back to full bloom and into the future.

We need the healing magic and the connection to each other now more than ever.

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